Queen Anne's Revenge - Black Magic Woman

Queen Anne's Revenge's new album, "Black Magic", is Ship Wreckords best example of our new sound.  We have recently upgraded the studio with new isolation booths and added the expertise and equipment of Trevor Lee Ridge.  His gear, drumming and mixing skills have added a lot to our capabilities as a studio.  We really have the recording process down to a science.  Recording at Ship Wreckords is an easy stress free process.  We focus on inspiring great performances and making music an enjoyable undertaking.        

Stacy Powell's New Album Perennial Invitation

Stacy Powell is Ship Wreckord's best example of our potential as a music production studio. Stacy Powell is a very talented song writer and singer that was just waiting for the inspiration to make her music a reality.  She started taking lessons from Jakob Singer and played him some of her original tunes.  Jakob was very impressed with her songs and they arranged 8 of her best tune for the album.  Stacy recorded a scratch track of her voice and acoustic guitar and Jakob built a full band around it.  The finished product speaks for it self.  This is one of Ship Wreckords favorite projects.