Welcome ter the Ship Ye Skaliwags 

Ship Wreckords offers complete music production.  Staffed by a crew of Seattle's best professional musicians, its hard not to make musical magic.  We offer a product that rivals Seattle's big money studios at a fraction of the cost.  We believe superior results can be achieved by taking the time needed to get the best performance from the artist.

Tap directly into the core of the Seattle music scene.  When Ship Wreckords produces your project you have access to a network of Seattle's very best musicians, producers, engineers, and equipment.  

Every body knows that going viral is the ticket to success.  Ship Wreckords has all the gear and expertise to produce the best video.

Track your protect at the amazing Avast! recording studio, then enjoy the flexibility of the lower rate for overdubs, mixing, editing and lude balgarity at Ship Wreckords.  Then for the final mix back to Avast! and there amazing boards and outboard great for the final mix.  

Finish off your product with the incredible mastering offered by the Avast! crew. 


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