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Ship Wreckords Music School

Ship Wreckords offers music lesson for students of all ages. Our staff of experienced teachers has got you covered on almost any instrument beginner-advanced. We strive to inspire our students to become well-rounded musicians. We offer private music lesson at Ship Wreckords or at your home on the following instruments: guitar, vocals, piano, bass, drums, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, violin, dobro, music theory, recording arts.

  • $30 1/2 Hour Lesson
  • $50 1 Hour Lesson

Band Coaching & Performance Opportunities

Get your band out of the garage and on to the stage with pro coaching.  When you bring your band to Ship Wreckords, you get a great rehearsal space, professional gear, demo recordings, and performance opportunities.  Bring your established band or if you don't have a band we will try to place you with musicians with similar interests and skill level.

  • $30 per member - 1 hour rehearsal 

Practice Space

Need a place to rehearse? We got the space, amps, drums, sound system and you can be as loud as you want!  

  • $50 per hour 

A recording studio is an ideal environment for music lessons.  Surrounded by all the instruments and gear you could ever want, it is hard not to be inspired.  The immediate feedback provided by listening to a recording of your voice or instrument is a great tool not available at most music schools.  

Jakob Singer's Teaching Summary

Jakob has been teaching students of all ages for over a decade. He strives to motivate and inspire his students to become great musicians. Jakob’s teaching method is fun and easy to understand. His students learn proper technique, music theory, how to read music, play in a band, play their favorite songs, and how to practice efficiently to improve on their instrument in a shorter amount of time.

Professional Experience 

The Weatherside Whiskey Band (bluegrass/country band) 

Queen Anne's Revenge (rock/blues band), 

Gone South (country/rock band),

UW Jazz Band 1

Solo Classical Performer

Teaching Experience 

Roberts Music Institute 

The Ballard Academy of Music

Plateau Music


Rock, Blues, Bluegrass, Alternative, Classical,

Jazz, Country, Folk. 


Guitar, Piano, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Harmonica,

Violin, Mandolin, Dobro, Recording, 


Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance - University of Wyoming

Associate of Science in Recording Arts - Full Sail University


Mark Froio

I love playing music with Jakob Singer.  I've never been in a band before and had only been playing bass for four years when I met Jakob and started playing in a band with him.  It's been a blast ever since. Jakob is a great teacher/band leader for a number of reasons.  First of all, his musical ability is fantastic.  He moves effortlessly from the guitar to the piano to the bass and to the drums. Standing on stage and playing along with him while he rips a guitar solo is just an amazing feeling. And to top it off, he's a talented singer too. Secondly, Jakob is  very patient and understanding. He's always willing to help me learn a bass part, and he never loses his patience, no matter how long it takes me to get the part right. And last, but not least, he's got a great attitude.  He's always willing to listen and help out with everything. He's a pleasure to be around, and that makes playing and learning that much more enjoyable.  I feel extremely lucky to have found him.

David Arnold

Jakob has been an incredible help in my music for the last five years. He has been very patient and flexible and his talent exceeds anyone else I know. I have shown real progress that I would not have found anywhere else. My dog now enjoys my singing and guitar playing so much he actually stays in the room and listens. Over the years Jakob has become like a family member and I would not trade his teaching for anyone else’s.

Anna Hughes

"Jakob brings out the best in his students with his warmth, humor, and acceptance. Learning a new instrument - or pushing yourself to expand your skills on a familiar instrument - can be intimidating. Jakob has technical chops and teaching skills that span a variety of instruments and musical styles. He knows how to teach the theory and structure behind great music, in a way that is fun and engaging (and much less scary than you think it will be). Lessons with Jakob always include a good dose of theory and fundamentals, paired with the pure joy of making great music - in a safe, low-stress environment. I can't think of a better way to learn to play."

Colleen Lindstrom

My lessons with Jakob are first and foremost fun.  He brings music theory and technique into his teaching so seamlessly it makes sense, because he always ties it into music I am interested in.  Jakob is willing to go off the lesson plan answer my questions – which generally leads to an interesting tangent, and I learn something new every time.  I can’t believe the number of songs I’ve learned how to play in the short time I’ve worked with him!

Stacy Powell

When I started taking guitar lessons from Jakob Singer, I had no idea what I was in for. I was a songwriter wannabe that played mostly in my living room with family and friends. I signed up with Jakob simply to improve my guitar skills. We played pentatonic scales and chord progressions for a couple of weeks before I played my original songs for him. When he played along I heard the potential in my music and started to believe in myself. We changed the focus of my lessons to developing my music, which included recording 8 songs together at Shipwreckords Studio. Over the past two years he has provided coaching on songwriting and performance, and provided countless opportunities for me to be on stage. I’m now performing with several bands including my own original band, 4&20 Blackbirds, and I’m living my passion. 

Jakob can provide a solid foundation in music theory and teach you the technical skills you need. He is a skilled musician and a lot of fun to work with. But beyond that, he is also generous with his talents and genuine in his love of music and his desire to help you become the musician you want to be.

Ballard Academy of Music and Dance Perfromance

Madalyn performing 7 Nation Army with Jakob Singer.

Jill Schiff Mother of Grayson & Wyatt

Jacob has been the ideal introduction to music for our eight and six year old sons! They look forward to guitar lessons with him each week and are loving music! Jacob has incredible patience, and the ability to make learning an instrument fun! Thank you Jacob!!


Ballard Academy of Music Performance

Audrey & Finn performing Brain Stew by Green Day with Jakob Singer and Judd Wasserman.

Roberts Music Institute Players Clubs

King Size Kit Cats

Shiv - Vocals, Guitar

Rachel - Drums

Egan - Guitar

Gavin - Keys, Guitar

Jakob Singer - Instructor, Bass

Roadside Goat Show

Stacy Powell - Guitar Vocals

Tad Buhman - Mandolin and Vocals

Anna Hughes - Ukulele, Percussion, and Vocals 

Ryan Morris - Guitar and Vocals

Jakob Singer - Instructor, Guitar and Vocals

Scott Elsberry - Instructor and Bass

The Eastsiders

Mark Froio - Bass

Phill Irwin - Lead Guitar

Jim Taylor - Drums

Jakob Singer - Guitar & Vocals

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West Seattle - Ship Wreckords, 5612 Delridge Way SW

Bellevue - Roberts Music Institute, 13417 NE 20th St

Ballard - Ballard Academy of Music & Dance 2404 NW 80th St